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Space In Between

This curatorial collective will impress you. With a quick turnover of exhibitions in temporary spaces, and a permanent space opening in the summer, they are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

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Artinavan // Bureau Detours Collaboration

Our friends Artinavan// jet-setted off to Denmark last week to collaborate with Bureau Detours. Hannah Little wrote a daily diary update on the groupís project for Art Licks.

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School Of The Damned Interim Show: Class of 2015

The School Of The Damned is a course run by its students and supported by a growing circle of visiting lecturers and tutors.

11 - 19 October 2014
Saturday and Sunday, 1-6pm

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An art-science exhibition, created by neuroscientists, artists and people with Tourette's syndrome.

Preview: Friday 17 October, 6-8.30pm

14 October - 31 October, 2014
Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

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An Evening of Performances

DRAF is transformed into a stage for their annual evening of performances; with Quinn Latimer & Megan Rooney, Joe Moran, planningtorock, Sarah Lucas, and Eloise Hawser.

Event: Thursday 16 October, 7-10pm

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Women in Digital

An exhibition of works by pioneering female artists working at the intersections of art and technology.

Preview: Thursday 16 October, 7-9pm

17 - 19 October 2014
Daily, 11am-6pm

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A Good Design?

This exhibition traces the development of the Experiment in Design Appreciation, a scheme jointly conceived and implemented by the Council of Industrial Design and London education authorities.

10 September - 31 October 2014
Wednesday to Friday, 11am-5pm

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Sidsel Meineche Hansen's first solo presentation, brings together a new body of work reflecting on self-destruction, psychopharmaceuticals and mutation.

Preview: Wednesday 15 October, 6.30-9pm

16 October - 16 November
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Joelle Tuerlinckx, Bronwen Buckeridge, Lucia Nogueira.

15 October - 9 November 2014
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Synchronised Fallibles

Australian artist Laura Hindmarsh, and London-based Bea Haut bring together two 16mm film-based works featuring the artist embodied within the frame.

Event: Tuesday 14 October, 6-9pm

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Multi-media exhibition that features over 30 contributions from renowned Austrian-based artists, whose work is either directly or indirectly linked to the achievements of social economist and Vienna Circle philosopher Otto Neurath.

30 September 2014 - 9 January 2015
Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

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Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014 Perspectives: Artist, Selector, Director

A panel discussion chaired by Paul Thomas with Charlotte Hodes (Artist), Janet McKenzie (Selector) and Anita Taylor (Director of the Jerwood Drawing Prize).

Event: Monday 13 October, 6.30pm

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Facing the Same Direction

Maja Cule's first UK solo exhibition, wilfully folds itself into DWYL* culture.

Preview: Saturday 11 October, 5-9pm

12 October - 15 November 2014
Thursday to Saturday, 12-5pm

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A selection of collages by Alida Rodrigues that takes inspiration from botanical etchings and 19th century portraiture.

2 - 18 October 2014
Tuesday to Saturday, 12-6pm
Thursday, 12-9pm

Workshop: Saturday 11 October, 3-4.30pm
In Conversation: Saturday 18 October, 3-4.30pm

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Tabula Rasa

A collection of new paintings by Max Wade.

Preview: Friday 10 October, 6.30-8.30pm

10 - 12 October 2014
Daily, 11am-6pm

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Call and Response

An exhibition of new work by celebrated American artist Glenn Ligon, his first solo show in a UK public gallery.

Preview: Thursday 9 October, 6.30-8.30pm

10 October 2014 - 11 January 2015
Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-6pm
Wednesday, 10am-9pm

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Genuine Articles

An exhibition of works whose origins and/or authors are questionable or difficult to place, and at times of no importance at all.

2 October - 25 October 2014
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Squatting the Cally Walk

Artist-led walk by Carla Wright exploring the history of alternative housing, resistance, and organisation in the Caledonian area of Islington.

Thursday 9 October, 4-5.30pm

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Folles de leur corps / Crazy about their bodies

A new exhibition which considers the relation between women and their bodies through film, live events and a library.

8 October - 9 November 2014
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am-4pm

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Hold Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand

A multi-disciplinary exhibition presented as part of SEA ArtsFest 2014, featuring a selection of works from Southeast Asian artists working in the fields of visual arts and moving image.

Preview: Wednesday 8 October 2014

7 - 12 October, 2014
Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-7pm

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