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Monday at UCL Slade School of Fine Art

Slade MA/MFA Interim Show

A diverse range of work by students in fine art media, painting and sculpture.

2 - 7 October 2015
Monday and Tuesday, 10am-8pm
Wednesday, 10am-6.30pm

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Peer Review

An exhibition of painterly gestures seen on screen, separated by the Atlantic, shown together IRL, in London.

Preview: Tuesday 6 October, 6-9pm

7 October - 6 November 2015
Monday to Sunday, 9am-9pm

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Wednesday at Tenderpixel Gallery

Haptic Skins of a Glass Eye

Ilona Sagar's newly completed film combines references to affective computing, flat design, haptic technology and virtual design systems with historical and medieval studies of the glass delusion.

3 - 24 October 2015
Wednesday to Saturday, 2-6pm

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Wednesday at Westminster Reference Library

Paradise Jerk Centre

Recent sculptures, drawings and sketchbooks by Sohrab Crews.

Preview: Wednesday October 7, 6-8pm

7 - 24 October 2015
Monday to Friday, 10am-8pm
Saturday, 10am-5pm

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Wednesday at The Showroom

The Chimurenga Library

The Showroom and The Otolith Collective present the Cape Town-based collective Chimurenga.

Preview: Wednesday 7 October, 6.30-8.30pm

8 October - 21 November 2015
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Wednesday at Beaconsfield

Harnessing the Wind

Harnessing the Wind arrests, for the space of an exhibition, the imaginations of four artists working in a range of mediums: painting, video, sculpture, social media, sound, public engagement - and memory, and, in so doing, captures a breath of zeitgeist - the spirit of our time.

7 October - 28 November 2015
Wednesday to Saturday, 11am-5pm

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Thursday at DOLPHprojects

Artists' Talk

The Directors of DOLPH, Natasha Kahn and Paul Cole, discuss their work and the current show - an exhibition that reveals their own responses to the DOLPH brief and the ideas behind their curation.

Event: Thursday 8 October, 7pm

1 - 10 October 2015
Monday to Saturday, 11am-5pm

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Thursday at Dyson Gallery

Obsolescence - or the post-nostalgic use of journalistic imagery

Obsolescence presents films by Harun Farocki, Martha Rosler & John Smith - looking at the adoption of broadcast media within current art practice and their critical and political impact.

Preview: Thursday 8 October, 6.30-8pm

9 - 22 October 2015
Daily, 12pm-6pm

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Thursday at Flat Time House

Solidarity Avenue/Aleja Solidarnosci

This exhibition brings together artworks and archival material documenting Edward Krasinski's apartment installation, paralleling and contrasting it with the work of John Latham and the living sculpture of Flat Time House.

Preview: Thursday 8 October, 6.30-8.30pm

9 October - 29 November
Thursday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Friday at Space In Between


An exhibition of new work by the ARKA group, and their third solo show with SIB.

2 October - 14 November 2015
Friday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Friday at Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes

Hotel Swallows The Workers

Paul Carter's practice investigates aspects of the built environment and architectural structure through sculptural assemblage and immersive installation.

Preview: Friday 9 October, 6-9pm

10 October - 8 November 2015
Friday to Sunday, 12-6pm

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Friday at ANDOR


An exhibition of new paintings by Francesca Blomfeld, Mauro Bonacina and Guy Patton.

Preview: Friday 9 October, 6-9pm

10 - 24 October 2015

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Friday at PEER

Joy Gerrard - Protest Crowd

The crowd is singular, but it denotes a multitude of individuals who have gathered to express a unified voice.

Preview: Friday 9 October, 6-8pm

8 October - 21 November 2015
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Friday at PSW

Surf the Anodyne

Vivien Zhang's work looks at the idea of repetition and Painting as site for assemblage.

Preview: Friday 9 October: 6-9pm

10 - 21 October, 2015
Tuesday to Saturday, 3-5pm

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Friday at SHOWHOME

Sticky Friction

An installation of new work by Rebecca James.

Preview: Friday 9 October, 6-9pm

10 - 11 October 2015
Daily, 10am-6pm
(then open until 8 November by appointment)

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Friday at fourFOLD

All surface one moment, all depth the next

This exhibition examines the journey of a shifting value set against the alchemy of an artwork's materiality.

Preview: Friday 9 October, 6-9pm

10 - 31 October 2015
Thursday to Saturday, 12-6pm

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Sunday at CGP London


A new sculptural commission by James Capper, within a large survey exhibition at CGP LONDON, spanning both The Gallery and Dilston Grove.

Preview: Sunday 11 October, 2-5pm

14 October - 6 December 2015
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am-4pm

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