A Pop-up Reading Room.

at The Well Gallery

ZineView: A Pop Up Reading Room will showcase a huge collection of zines provided by the zine makers and fanatics of today, along with examples of zines from the past held in the LCC Zine Archive, Zineswap's extensive library of zines, and the author's own collection.

Open for one night only, come and see, browse and discuss independent publications in all formats: whether they be zines or newspapers, handmade or glossy.

Including publications kindly donated by

Roland / The Clerkenwell Other / The Wire Magazine / Off Modern / Seems Books / Pen Pusher / Shufti / Landfill Editions / Printed Matter / Izrock / Café Royal Books / Sprinkles Sparkles and Kankles / Dead Ends / Dirty Rotten Comics / Afterzine / Bloody Nora / BFRmag / Zeene / The Other Side / Very Nearly Almost / Niji / The Coelacanth Journal / Sweat Zine / Popshot / Uncanny Editions / Resurrection Confectionery / WallFly / Oh Comely magazine / Point Never / Journal Illustratif / Pink Mince / The New Dark Age / Via-hologram / Shebang / Heuberger Zine / Holy Ghost Zine / Roomservice Magazine / Ponytail Zine / Xerography Debt / Piczine / Wolfwind / Color&Color / Justin Bland / Sunday's Fantasy / Zum Geleit / Spindle / EggMag / Alex Hetherington / The Institute of Social Hypocrisy / Vanilla Galleries / Gloria Glitzer and many, many more!

ZineView is in celebration of the upcoming release of the publication, Fanzine

Fanzines is the ultimate book on the subject, full of reproductions of the best fanzines ever created, from the superhero tributes of the 1950s and 60s, to punk fanzines such as Sniffin' Glue, right up the contemporary e-zine scene. Arranged chronologically in six chapters, each with a thorough introduction, Fanzines spans eight decades of counterculture and features many extremely rare publications. The author is avid fanzine collector Teal Triggs, who is Professor of Graphic Design at the University of the Arts London. She has written extensively on the subject including as co-editor of Below Critical Radar: Fanzines and Alternative Comics From 1976 to Now.

Opening Times
Monday 20 September,
 6 - 8.30pm

The Well Gallery
London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle,