Type Scale

at Camberwell Space

In a period of increasing international interest in the qualities of letterpress typography, typeSCALE is a representation of student, alumni and staff typographic work exploring the possibilities of wood and metal type from letterpress through to laser cut letter forms.

The works attempt to challenge accepted notions of size, scale, process and methods of reproduction of typographic printed outcomes and hint at future room for development of letterpress in the College and beyond.

The Letterpress workshop at Camberwell, run by James Edgar, houses a wealth of wood and metal type faces in the collection, including some unique to Camberwell College of Arts.

This valuable workshop resource allows students to design and print their work on site, gaining essential understanding of an analogue production process, as a counter to the predominance of digital design technologies.

Show curated by David Coventon, James Edgar, Benoit Ollive and Frederick Williams.

Camberwell Space

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 2 December, 5-7pm
2 December 9 December, 9am 8pm

Camberwell Space
Camberwell College of Arts 45 - 65 Peckham Road