A new exhibition of contemporary art and performance featuring six emerging artists from the UK, exploring language as a means of structuring our understanding of the world - and our means of representation.

at SW1 Gallery

“Only when I break this language can I speak”—Susan Hiller

The exhibition includes photography, installation, painting, video, sound art and live art by Joshua Bilton, Siân Robinson Davies, Ian Giles, Darren Harvey-Regan, Frances Scott and Tim Spooner.

Within the exhibition, Tim Spooner’s work seeks to illuminate, from behind, the "Phenomenon of Meaning"—the outward appearance of meaningfulness. The functions of symbolism, picturesque, cartoons, metaphors and other sublimations in language are considered in a series of paintings and live performances. Tim will be performing new work in April and March events at the gallery.

Siân Robinson Davies continues her Picture Object Performance Series showing video and live work. Each chapter of these tabletop performances comprises combinations of objects and images, which come together through word plays, formal comparisons and visual puns.

Joshua Bilton focuses on the exchange between idea and action; considering the infrastructure of signs that hold meaning in place and how one’s perception and relationship to objects is inseparable from context, ideology and the nature of belief systems. He presents new video and installation work at SW1 Gallery.

Ian Giles makes video, sound installations, prints and live performance to do with the translation of language into actions/images. For example, Listen With Your Eyes, We'll Show You With Our Bodies is delivered in the form of a lecture by the artist with two accompanying performers. The work playfully illustrates how words could look when performed as movements or body gestures. During the discussion the audience are shown how words such as 'Smooth' and ‘Smear’ may be portrayed, followed by less figurative words such as 'like' and 'the'. This performance will be shown at the gallery in April. Also presented in the exhibition are a new sound piece and a slide projection work.

Derived from a series of reconfigured hypnosis scripts, Frances Scott's My voice belongs to you proposes a silent, persistent voice that utters itself into being, without a body. The work borrows from auto-hypnosis models to give a suggestion of the experience of speech in trance. Her wider practice considers the trance state as a tool and site of production, drawing obliquely on the scripts and shifting registers of the voice within hypnosis.

Darren Harvey-Regan’s work looks at the idea of the animal which he describes as “the limits of our human reach where names strain under the impossible weight they bear and representations skew.” Further works explore an interplay between the photograph as object, the object as photograph.

SW1 Gallery, London

Opening Times
Preview: Wednesday 23 March, 6.30-9.30pm

15 March - 30 April
Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm and Saturday, 12-4pm
Performance event: Thursday 14 April, 6.30-9pm

SW1 Gallery
Roof terrace level, Cardinal Place, Off Victoria Street,