LimaZulu is an artistic hub! With a quick turnover of top-notch exhibitions ART LICKS wanted to find out more about the project space and what they have planned for 2010.

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LimaZulu is an artistic hub! With a quick turnover of top-notch exhibitions – ART LICKS wanted to find out more about the project space and what they have planned for 2010.

AL: When was LimaZulu founded?

LZ: September 2008

What made you decide on the name?

It’s the end of our postcode in the NATO alphabet. The lady from Screwfix pointed it out.

Who are the people behind the name?

Michael Levitt, Katie Schwab, Lola Wilson and Huw Lemmey, then Rosanna Mclaughlin joined us at the end of 2009.

How is the programme curated?

We don’t really curate them in a ‘theoretical’ sense—we’re not interested in that sort of programming. We choose artists and practitioners whose work and ideas we think are really strong and then let them use the space without interference.

At the end of each season all six of us sit down and discuss what we might want to show during the next season. Each person usually has a few suggestions of who might be good, then we discuss it and make a decision by consensus. We share the responsibilities for running the place between us.

What have you got scheduled for 2010?

We've got a packed season of shows, films and talks at LimaZulu this spring. The next show is L'USINE ABANDONNEE by Rosanna McLaughlin and Katie Schwab. It opens on Thursday 4th February with a cocktail bar at the private view.

After that Richard Hards and Seth Pick open their show 'RHSP' on the 18th Feb. In the first week of March we start a short film season—'On Communes', chosen by Julia Gouin, which promises to be very interesting—films later to be shown include La Ceciliaby Jean-Louis Comolli, Kevin Brownlow's Winstanley,Time of the Wolf, by Michael Haneke and La Commune, Peter Watkins’ massive undertaking about the 1871 Paris Commune.

We feature a group show on 18th March -There Is Only The Taking Up Of Tools, with Cindie Cheung, Mary Hurrell, Hania Stella-Sawicka & Rosanna McLaughlin.

Post-Critical Panther Party opens fittingly on 1st April with Roman Liska, and Oliver Robinson opens his new show of sculptures, Place on Top, on 15th April.

What are you most excited about?

We want to make LimaZulu more of a project space than a gallery and open it up to a range of events. We are also looking to hold some talks and discussions relating to the film season ‘On Communes’. Next season we’re planning a show of pottery, and maybe some theatre and workshops alongside more artists work.

Are you open to people contacting you with possible events they want to put on in the space?

Yes, especially for more unusual projects than regular art shows.

If you had to sum up what LimaZulu is all about..?

We’re all young artists so we wanted to make the sort of space we’d like to show in (which we do). We’ve lived and worked together for a number of years and we know each other well, but because our practices and tastes are so different the space has a very varied character. Because Limazulu isn’t on the gallery route we run our private views a bit later and keep them quite informal — we’ve just got a little bar and some sofas and our cats. There’s always someone around so we welcome visitors at any time — just call ahead.

LimaZulu 800 7428

Osculate, Lola Wilson, 3 December 2009Nu Wrkz, Richard Parry, 10 December 2009Kodachrome, Group Show featuring Ellie Wright, Samuel Thomson, JamesHydrogen Doorways, Dan Blurton, 22 October 2009Brother Partisans, Huw Lemmey, 19 November 2009Three Point, Michael Levitt, 7 January 2010

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