Preston Is My Paris

Art Licks chatted with Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson, the brains behind our February Zine of the Month: Preston Is My Paris. Ok we know this isn’t exactly London related…but Art Licks is allowed a bit of slack some of the time.

What first sparked the impulse to create Preston Is My Paris?

Although neither of us were born in the city, we have lived in it for 13 years between us now. During this time we noticed a distinct lack of creative work in the city and likewise work that featured the city as a focal point. We originally set up the project in order to encourage the exploration of Preston as a subject for creative practice.

The title—how did you decide on it?

We nicked this off a Clarks’ shoes advert that was filmed in the city a few years ago. Although we're not trying to compare Preston to Paris in anyway, we do try and show that it can be as inspiring if people were to look hard enough.

How many issues have you had so far, and which have you been most pleased with?

So far we have released 7 issues. Our favourite is probably issue 5 because it has a good mix of our own work as well as contributions from other people like poetry. We particularly liked some photos a guy had taken and contributed for this issue of him and his mates in Preston when they were students in the ‘70s. We're really keen to encourage other contributions.

How is it made / put together?

We are always taking photos and collecting content. Then we usually go from deciding the edit to putting the zine together all in one evening. We use the photocopier at work to print it, staple it and hand stamp each issue using a woodblock 'P'. After issue 3 we started doing a colour cover, which is really just a 6x4 print from Boots stuck on with double sided tape. Then we put it out in a few shops around Preston.

How do people contribute to Preston Is My Paris?

People can email anything that they think will fit into the zine to There are no specific guidlines in terms of photography, drawing, writing etc. The only specification is that it must relate to Preston in some way.

What do you see in Preston Is My Paris’ crystal ball for the future?

During February we are setting up a gallery in an empty shop unit in the Guildhall Arcade. This will feature work from the project as well as a studio space where we intend to document people of Preston.

As well as continuing with the monthly zine we are also starting to produce limited edition, hand made, affordable books that are not necessarily explicitly related to Preston, but that will all be released under the banner of Preston is my Paris Publishing.

Hopefully, with all this extra activity going on, people will start to become more aware of the city.

Where is Preston Is My Paris stocked?

In Preston it is stocked in Oxfam Vintage, PAD gallery, Winkleys Cafe and sometimes a few other places. The odd issue has been for sale in London in Donlon Books on Broadway Market and we take part in the annual self-publishing fair, Publish And Be Damned. We are always interested in outlets for the zine outside of Preston so get in contact if you like our work!

People can buy issues directly through us though. We generally keep a few issues to one side and usually just charge £1 to cover the postage. The best way is to email us, although we are looking to set up some kind of shop on our blog to sell the books through.

When is the next issue coming out?

Issue 8 is a Found Special and was just released on 29th January. The first book released from PPP was also made available from then. If you would like a copy, please get in touch!

Preston Is My Paris

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