Something Borrowed

All artists borrow from the worlds they exist in. Some borrow directly and some discreetly; it can be someone’s image, a memory, a newspaper article, a song or other art itself.

at Cultivate Gallery

Iain Andrews, Liz Bailey, Wanda Bernardino, Tinsel Edwards, J.A. Nicholls, Holly Revell, David Storey, David Troughton, Twinkle Troughton, Wen Wu

On November 3rd, Twinkle Troughton and Tinsel Edwards will unveil Something Borrowed, the artists’ second co-curated exhibition featuring works of artists whose use of borrowing has stood out either for its subtlety or its purposeful intention.

The artistic duo and co-curators say:

Something Borrowed presents both painting and photographic works displaying a wide cross section of styles, from gestural mark making to fine detailed brush work; each artist’s individual approach and technique introduces us to new and unique interpretations of the world around us.”

Included in the exhibition is J.A. Nicholls’ (Jerwood Contemporary Painters 2010) who’s work is focussed on the sense of awkwardness that comes from putting different marks and images together. Also David Storey (selected for BBCs Show me the Monet) who’s work is inspired by found imagery and old family photos. Painter Wen Wu (BP Portrait Award 2011) is inspired by figurative imagery and thoughts from various histories and culture.

With the recent furore surrounding Bob Dylan’s paintings at NYCs Gagosian Museum, Something Borrowed casts a spotlight on this controversial and interesting debate illustrating how and what ‘borrowing’ can be when executed so directly.

But borrowing is nothing new; artists have used this as a valid means for exploration for centuries. The ten artists included in the show have individually borrowed from their cultures, political surroundings, other people’s physical existence, other artists and other artistic techniques and each created something new of their own.

Opening Times
Private View: Thursday 3 November, 6 - 9pm
3 – 9 November 2011

Cultivate Gallery
Vyner Street
E2 9HE