Amalia Pica

A solo exhibition by Amalia Pica, featuring newly commissioned works across sculpture, photography, installation and performance.

at Chisenhale

The exhibition elaborates upon Pica’s ongoing interest in the social act of listening, sites of celebration and technologies of mass communication. This exhibition also marks the culmination of Pica’s year-long offsite project I am Tower of Hamlets, as I am in Tower of Hamlets, just like a lot of other people are (2011/12).

Pica’s wide-ranging practice includes sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, performance and film. For her exhibition at Chisenhale, Pica also focuses on the gallery space as a public site with works situated in areas usually excluded from the arena of exhibition display. The front of the building is draped with multi-coloured festoon lighting; at the rear of the gallery, music is broadcast from a storage room and one work is on view in the office.

In the gallery space itself, Pica has installed a sculpture that doubles as an architectural divide and a listening device for viewers, another is activated by performers over the course of the exhibition and a wall pasted image depicts a scene staged upon ‘common’ farmland. Fabricated out of lo-fi materials – cardboard, string, photocopies and recycled cans – these works emphasise the latent conversational and vernacular form of Pica’s images and objects.

I am Tower of Hamlets, as I am in Tower of Hamlets, just like a lot of other people are is described by Pica as a ‘nomadic sculpture’ which left her studio at the beginning of July 2011 and over the course of one year has been hosted by residents of Tower Hamlets on a week-to-week basis. An event will be staged at the gallery in July to mark the completion of the project and the return of the sculpture to the artist’s studio.

I am Tower of Hamlets.... addresses the conventions of participatory art practice and public sculpture, presenting an intimate encounter with the artwork in which the immediacy of individual perception is made paramount. The project provides the cue to Pica’s new collection of works, which continue to explore the frameworks and cultural resonances of sculpture and interventions into public space, while dealing with ideas of collective memory through the precise materiality of the sculptures she produces.


Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 24 May, 6.30-8.30pm
25 May - 15 July 2012

64 Chisenhale Road
E3 5QZ