Running up that Building and Diving into the Pool

Performances and exhibition in temporary space before new plastic packed flats will be built in its place.

at Scena Productions

It’s being torn down. Soon. Some sexy new plastic packed flats will be built in its place. It will look pretty swanky on the outside. The mains will be turned off, cables cut in half, the building turned to rubble. But, it is already demolished and the new building is already built—legally. Years from now, it will still be here, as it looks now, when we see it from above on Google Maps, or look in the front gates on Street View. In this space, there will be a show.

Performances: JosephBuckley (7.45pm), Jack Jubb (8.45pm) & Liv Wynter (9.30pm)

Magnus Ayers, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Hedvig Berglind, JosephBuckley, Richard Butler, Michael Clements, Bronte Dow & Rosie Taylor, Alexander Glass, Oliver Hickmet, Nik Jaffe, Amalie Jakobsen, Oskar Jakobsen, Jack Jubb, Nicola Lorini, Liv Preston, Ivan Robinson, Kyungmin Sophia Son, Daniel Szor, Liv Wynter.

Curated by Amalie Jakobsen & Oliver Hickmet

Opening Times
Event: Saturday 24 January, 6-10pm

Scena Productions
240 Camberwell Road