20x20 magazine: collected visions

Bringing together works by 11 international artists featured in the first three issues of the independent publication 20x20 magazine.

at Madame Lillie's Gallery

Through photography, illustration and drawing this exhibition reflects the concept and themes developed by 20x20 magazine and stands as a visual compendium to the written works published so far.

Quirky drawings by Sarai Vardi and Greig Burgoyne, the offbeat style of Reena Makwana and Tristan Stevens are all juxtaposed with the analytical view of art and architecture conveyed in the photo-montages by Maaike Stevens and Philip John Jones.

Aaron McElroy and Joanna Zylinska use photography to investigate human condition and interaction, while Helen Nodding, Olivia Bliss and María Kjartansdóttir cast an enchanted look over nature through meticulous drawings of organic forms and close-up photography.

Founded in 2008, 20x20 magazine is the creation of Francesca Ricci and Giovanna Paternò, whose vision was to publish a square platform for writings, visuals and cross-bred projects.

Artists: Olivia Bliss, Greig Burgoyne, Philip John Jones, María Kjartansdóttir, Reena Makwana, Aaron McElroy, Helen Nodding, Maaike Stevens, Tristan Stevens, Sarai Vardi, Joanna Zylinska.

20x20 magazine

Opening Times
Preview: Friday 14 May, 6.30 9pm

15 23 May 2010
Friday to Sunday, 12 6 pm

Madame Lillie's Gallery
10 Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington
N16 6BD