Organise With Others

One year since their Unite Against Dividers weekend, Keep it Complex are reconvening to evaluate artistic strategies, and recharge batteries for the political challenges of 2018.

at Res.

Keep It Complex have re-invited contributors from last year and will introduce you to people they've met or worked with since: Fozia Ismail, Julie Ward MEP, Magda Fabianczyk, Shiri Shalmy/Artists Union England, Amal Khalaf, One Day Without Us, Rose Gibbs, Counterpoints Arts, Jenny Moore/F*choir and more TBA.

As usual, there will be food, laughs, and lots of time to talk.

Keep It Complex is a collective of women artists, designers and arts administrators who got together during the EU referendum. They’re a self-organised and mostly self-funded group who try to make political action possible for themselves and others.

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Opening Times
Event: Saturday 13 January, 12-6pm

Enclave 1-3, 50 Resolution Way,