The Eighteenth Emergency

The Eighteenth Emergency brings together the work of international artists, all of whom are Goldsmiths MFA recent graduates or students.

at Cor Blimey Arts

The exhibition takes as its prompt Betsy Byers’ short novel ‘The Eighteenth Emergency,’ a text which sees two boys create a series of action plans for unexpected events. However, the real emergency emerges as a crisis of masculinity, when the boys find themselves on the wrong side of Mary Hammerman, every eight-grader’s worst nightmare. The text explores how in our sexist society gendered subjectivity is in fact foundational, and draws a telling conclusion: to some extent we are all on the ‘wrong’ side of masculinity.

The Eighteenth Emergency exhibition interrogates the theme of masculinity through the work of innovative and exciting artists of the moment: Andrew Bryant, Frauke Dannert, Chas Higginbottom, Stefan Sulzer, Burcu Yagciogul and Daniel P. Lichtmann. Through their creative output an inherent violence and aggression is revealed when the artist adopts a stance within, or in relation to, the dialogue of masculinity. Brought together by curator Andrew Bryant in the Core Gallery space, the works individually explore and collectively challenge our society’s own gendered discourses, whether these are implicit or explicit.

Cor Blimey Arts

Opening Times
Preview: Thursday 26 August, 6.30-8.30pm

27 August 4 September 2010
Monday to Wednesday by appointment, Thursday to Sunday, 1-6pm

Cor Blimey Arts
C101 Faircharm Trading Estate, 8-12 Creekside, Deptford,