Squid and Tabernacle

Squid and Tabernacle launch their new temporary gallery space – a disused shipping container in Dalston, with Rachel Price’s exhibition ‘Planning Permission’, opening on April 1st. Art Licks went for a sneak preview and to talk to the artist and curators.

Squid and Tabernacle believe that artists should be given the chance to show work outside of the confines of the gallery. White walls are all very well, but they can be restrictive; gallery spaces are predictable – they hold no spontaneity, they could even be seen as down right lazy. Squid and Tabernacle seek out unusual exhibiting spaces that the artists have no choice but to respond to, and their latest find – a Dalston shipping container, is no exception.

I turned up on a sunny spring Sunday afternoon to a lot of noise and curfuffle as the team-at-hand were using a hoist to tilt the container. This was a good first impression – every action in this project is a direct response to the space – it is unpredictable and exciting. We all nervously tiptoed into the container, very wary of its reaction to this new imbalance.

The starting exhibition in this space, is the first solo show for London based artist, Rachel Price. Rachel showed me her work in progress and discussed her ideas for the exhibition. Having only just decided to hoist the container that morning seemed to highlight to me the energy and enthusiasm that is driving this project. Rachel’s work is sculptural, and she has used found materials in the derelict area to build the work directly within the space. Working in this environment has given her the opportunity to really think about her practice and create an exhibition that utilizes a specific space. Rather than create work she described as ‘precious’ for a gallery space, she has had to consider the setting and how her work can communicate with it.

Squid and Tabernacle have no presumption or ego about them – they are honest in their hopes for this project and realistic in creating opportunities for artists to experiment beyond convention.

- Holly Willats

Squid and Tabernacle

Rachel Price: Planning Permission, 2—23 April 2010

Preview: 1 April, 6-9pm

Squid and TabernacleSquid and TabernacleSquid and Tabernacle