Art Licks launched in 2010 and has since grown to provide an essential platform and voice for the lesser-known and under-represented activities that form the grassroots of visual culture in London. The organisation currently exists in several strands of activity: as a website, tours, events, printed magazine and its festival, the Art Licks Weekend.

Director: Holly Willats
Festival Coordinators: José da Silva & Eva Rowson
Learning Coordinator: Jenny Ohlson


Art Licks was founded in response to a frustration that information about independent initiatives was not easily accessible to the public, but by word of mouth and exclusive networks. Art Licks offers promotion to these spaces through its weekly listing of events and exhibitions.

The weekly listing will keep you in touch and right on date with what is going on in the emerging London art scene. Art Licks seeks out the best up-and-coming artist run spaces, artist collectives, curatorial groups, exhibitions, performances and non-profit galleries and organisations.

Art Licks also has an Opportunities listing, which includes available studios, Open Calls and competitions for artists.

By supporting Art Licks and signing up for the weekly email, you are directly backing new, exciting and inspiring creative art activities happening in the Capital that benefit from the Art Licks platform.


In October 2010 Art Licks launched its quarterly printed magazine. Art Licks magazine presents what artists, curators and gallerists are doing, and thinking; and rather than be written about such new initiatives, this magazine is written by the actual people behind these happenings; providing a platform for discussion and giving the reader a personal insight to the emerging arts scene.

This unique magazine is a pioneering, discursive space for the voice of artists and curators to sound out new and experimental ideas and projects. The Art Licks magazine is important as it offers support to young creatives at a critical point in their career.

The Art Licks magazine is funded by The Henry Moore Foundation and Chelsea Arts Club Trust.

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4-6 October 2013

The Art Licks Weekend will be a three-day festival, for which young galleries, not-for-profit projects, artist-run spaces and independent curatorial projects will be open to the public. These spaces will programme and commission special events and exhibitions of work by emerging artists, specifically for the AL Weekend. Art Licks will coordinate and promote the festival, enabling a wider, diverse range of audiences to visit the galleries, and to have a larger impact as a whole. The AL Weekend will be led by artistic talent and innovative ideas; celebrating this creative energy of the young London art scene.

The AL Weekend is funded by Arts Council England, the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Outset, Chelsea Arts Club Trust, Southwark Council and the AL Weekend 2013 Patrons.

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“We all had a great time on the Art Licks tour and will promote it to all our friends. Two of our delegates said it was the best part of our “British Art Show” study visit to London. Perfect arrangements, very diverse and entertaining programme, excellent!”—Dr. Elke Ritt, Head Arts and Creative Industries, The British Council, Berlin

Art Licks runs fortnightly paid tours in Hackney, Hackney Wick, Bermondsey and Peckham. Taking up to 20 people, these tours highlight and promote the younger generation of London artists, curators and spaces, actively taking audiences to visit and meet them.

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This film was made by Leila Hussein and Vilja Achte as part of the REcreative Film School. For six weeks in February-March 2013, six young filmmakers were mentored by professional filmmakers while responding to a creative brief set by the REcreative Editorial Board to make content for the site. The Film School is part of REcreative’s commitment to creating and supporting professional development opportunities for young people interested in the arts.

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A solo project by Berlin based, Dutch artist, Anne de Vries.
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Victoria Adam shows a collection of new works formed through her six month Materials Residency, with a focus on clay and ceramics.
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