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Art Licks


Stir Fully to Incorporate

Holly Graham

Art Licks Radio 2019

Image courtesy of Peek Freans Biscuit Museum

A commission by Art Licks and TACO! for Art Licks Weekend Radio 2019, supported by Arts Council England and Outset

Audio documentation of outcomes and threads of research generated on a residency with Southwark Park Galleries in Autumn 2019.

Featuring Holly Graham; Frank Turner – Peek Freans Museum; Deborah Herring – Southwark Park Galleries; Elizabeth Morgan, Henry Mulhall, Leslie McCombie, Pauline Morritt, Pat Kingwell, Christina Piscina, Laura Dee Milnes, Michele Page-Jones, Annabel Stockman – Stir To Fully Incorporate workshop attendees; Holly Willats – Art Licks; Biruk Daniel, Hassan Gultamo, Tsedey Solomon, Vu Muih Van, D Tu Dau, Bosco Centre Staff Team – Bosco Centre; and Stella Akintan, Kim Sheldon, Nadia Denton, Joy Johnson, Sheba Monserrat, Donata Miller - African Heritage Tour Guides at Victoria & Albert Museum.

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