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Art Licks


That Thin Air

Lola Bunting

Art Licks Radio 2019

Image © Lola Bunting

A commission by Art Licks and TACO! for Art Licks Weekend Radio 2019, supported by Arts Council England and Outset

Music credits:
Under the Sand, Album - Private Dreams and Public Nightmares
Daphne Oram, Andrea Parker & Daz Quayle
℗ 2012, Aperture Records

Providence, Album - Daydream Nation
Sonic Youth
℗ 1988, Squeaky Squawk

The Second Aspect Of The Same Thing, Album - The Return Of The Durutti Column
The Durutti Column
℗ 1979, London Music Stream Ltd

Storm, Album – Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
℗ 2000, kranky

Something You Can't Return To - Synecdoche, New York (OST)
Jon Brion
℗ 2008, Lakeshore Records

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