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Forced Collaboration: Self Isolation Special

Forced Collaboration is an online platform for cross disciplinary collaboration. The project's concept is that artists get to imagine an artwork they won't have to make, and make an artwork they didn't think of.

The artist (you) make and submit instructions on how to make a new and unmade artwork. You and your work will then be paired up with another artist and their practice and you will be sent their instructions and will proceed to make the artwork from their instructions (creative license encourage). You will then document the artwork and send it back to me and it will be uploaded to the website and social media. All final artworks are considered collaborations yet the instructions (which are also considered artworks in their own right) are yours. Participants can work as hard or as little as they want on the project – you are the measurer of your own engagement.

For the self isolation special we are doing quick collaborations, for more information please visit:

Forced Collaboration are running quick collaborations for the self isolation special.

Forced Collaboration: Self Isolation Special

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