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A Multi-Storied City

Event: Saturday 11 June, 4pm
Theatrum Mundi, London

A Multi-Storied City

‘It was like the citizen knowing that home is a construction exposing our own constructedness; he chose the most beautiful foreign language and tried to disappear into its declinations’ – Donna Stonecipher, Model City, 2015

What was it like? These many stories hidden beneath the murky film of rampant regeneration and gentrification. Whose stories are really told? Theatrum Mundi curates an evening of film that explores the stories of the invisible, the unseen and the ignored.


Running Time: 06:52  
Director: Lucia Sceranková  
Producer: Theatrum Mundi
With an introduction from urban researcher Cecily Chua
Shining a light on the often invisible cultural producers in London’s Elephant & Castle. Featuring makers from the Latin American community, artists from the Pullens Yards Residents Association, the film gives each group a platform to voice their contribution to the area’s cultural identity.  

Running Time: 1:23:00
Director: Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Producer: Fugitive Images
With a Q&A with director Andrea Luka Zimmerman
A film forged by community and a spirited celebration of extraordinary everyday humanity. Timely, lyrical, made over seven years from within the Hackney housing estate featured. A Utopian fever dream lived, and a community made, by those abandoned by the structures around them. A profound exploration of difference, marginalisation and resilience.

Theatrum Mundi at Garden Cinema, 39-41 Parker Street, London WC2B 5PQ

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