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Crafting a sonic urbanism: listening to non-human life

Conference, Panel Discussion, Performance, Screening
Thursday 18 March 2021
Sonic Urbanism, online

Crafting a sonic urbanism: listening to non-human life

Attention is turning more and more to urban sound as a material to design with, as a site of conflict, as a medium through which to understand the urban environment, and so on. Crafting a sonic urbanism seeks to look beyond the soundscape as an object and bring together research and creative practice that reveals how sonic concerns and methods could shed new light on political, cultural, and social formations in the city. 

For the 2nd year we are collaborating with the Institut de recherche interdisciplinaire sur des enjeux sociaux (IRIS, EHESS) to ask how a focus on sound can open up new questions within city-making, and new ways of addressing those questions. Looking beyond soundscape itself as a product of urban life, we aim to map out contemporary practices that think through sonic concerns to reveal other urban phenomena, and work through sonic methodologies to intervene in them.

Artists: John Bingham-Hall, Arnaud Esquerre, Océane Ragoucy, Gascia Ouzounian, Nicola Di Croce, Melissa Van Drie, Nuno da Luz , Ahmed bin Shabib, Rashid bin Shabib, Sepideh Karami, Elahe Karimnia, Justinien Tribillon, Matt Parker, Juan-Guillermo Dumay, Ruth Oldham, Tsouknida Eirini, Tasos Varoudis, Roberto Botazzi, Sara Rodrigues, Nastassja Simensky, Maria Dominguez, Anjali Nair, Hannah Rose Fox, Miriam Young, Natasha Nicholson, Matilde Meireles, Seetal Solanki, Monai de Paula Antunes, Plant Wave, Streetlights Collective, Tushar Hathiramani

In partnership with IRIS (EHESS) and Gaîté Lyrique 

Thursday 18 March 2021

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