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Donal Moloney

Donal Moloney
Until 9 April 2021
OUTPUT Gallery, Liverpool, postal

Donal Moloney

Donal Moloney was born in Cork and lives and works in Liverpool. His work has been exhibited widely, including the 2016 John Moore’s Painting Prize. Donal’s work teeters on the borderline between representation and abstraction. Overwhelmingly complex and colourful, his works reduce trinkets and gemstones to indefinable elements in an expansive, glittering surface, reflecting a long-standing interest in painted depictions of reflected light.

For his OUTPUT postal exhibition, Donal has created a large-scale drawing which will be divided into 100 smaller sections, each available as an individual work. The abstracted, gestural lines spring from his painted works, building on their sense of density and movement, with a minimal colour palette inspired by CMYK printing processes. The postal exhibition format will see the work scattered across a large geographical area, creating chance connections between recipients, and suggesting the poetic possibility that one day the large work could be reassembled.

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