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Extended Realities

Jin Han Lee
17 July – 2 October 2021
Beaconsfield, London

Extended Realities

Extended Realities exhibits paintings and drawings influenced by Jin Han Lee’s journeys into extended reality via a headset. Four new canvases made during Jin Han Lee’s Beacon_Transitions 2021 residency are exhibited alongside three earlier paintings from 2019, together with a video excursion into the world of Virtual Reality… 

‘In VR I was able to pull the brushstroke out from perspectival space, into three dimensional, sculptural space. The headset requires a different way of viewing. It has no mid-point, distance or depth, but is a manipulative platform… I was literally immersed in a new reality that made me reassess my entire relationship with painterly space. Learning the technology was not the challenge, rather my emotional engagment with it: my calligraphic gesture acquired an expansion of nuance.’

17 July – 2 October 2021
Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5pm

Beaconsfield, 22 Newport Street, Vauxhall, London, SE11 6AY

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