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In (Matters of the Soul)

Group show
12 November – 18 December 2021
ASC Gallery, London

In (Matters of the Soul)

In (Matters of the Soul)

A group show of seven contemporary artists based in London at ASC Gallery: Stephen Nelson, Jane Millar, Olly Fathers, James Tailor, Stephen Palmer, John Bunker and Lex Shute.

21 grams was the disputed weight of a person’s soul as measured in Duncan MacDougals 1901 experiments on people before and after death.

Does artwork have soul?

In (Matters of the Soul) is a celebration of material artwork, of artwork that has its own hybrid identity and that has its own soulful body.

12 November – 18 December 2021

ASC Gallery, Taplow House, The Chaplin Centre, Thurlow St, London SE17 2DG

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