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In Real Life

Victoria Rance
12 March – 16 May 2021
Cable Depot, London (online)

In Real Life

In Real Life by Victoria Rance is an installation of small sculptures together with four films made over the last eight years: ‘Myth’, ‘Pan and the goddess’, ‘River Mercury’ and ‘The Fates’ (made  while the artists was fighting Covid-19). Rance uses three cameras broadcasting 24/7 from Cable Depot, to play with scale, time and memory, creating a dream like flicker of consciousness and darkness. The space and the films are inhabited by Rance’s ‘cast of recurring characters’, such as Loki and his friends and the goddess Nuit, but these are now joined by a new set of darker and more ominous spirits, the Fates, whose plush brown felt appearance does nothing to soften their menacing presence, as they decide on life and death in a shadowy play. 

12 March – 16 May 2021

Cable Depot, 8 Submarine Cable Depot, Warspite Road, SE18 5NX

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