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Notes on Travecacceleration

27 May – 30 June 2021
LUX, London

Notes on Travecacceleration

Notes on Travecacceleration is an ongoing research project initiated by writer and curator Ode. As testament to the generative nature of this embodied research project, Ode expands Notes on Travecacceleration into a series of invitations to fellow travesti artists who share work in the context of a digital exhibition. Notes on Travecacceleration creates a space in which the curator and artists’ articulations of agency reverberate as refusals of translation or consumption into heteropatriarchal capitalism through embodiment, text, performance, music and moving image. In dialogue with one another, the shape, language and rhythm of the exhibition is constantly in flux.

Notes on Travecacceleration was curated by Ode upon invitation from LUX Curatorial Fellow Cairo Clarke. Works by Aun Helden, Bruna Kury, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Jota Mombaça, Maria Clara Araújo, Ode with Ikaro Cavalcante (Occulted) and Joaquim Ramalho, Sumé Aguiar and Urias. Text accompanying the works written by Ode. Works translated and subtitled from Portuguese to English courtesy of Vita Evangelista.

27 May – 30 June 2021; Thursday to Saturday, 12-5pm

LUX, Waterlow Park Centre, Waterlow Park, Dartmouth Park Hill, London N19 5JF

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