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REDES: bread and justice, peaches and bananas

Camila Galaz
17 February – 17 April 2021
External Pages, online

REDES: bread and justice, peaches and bananas

External Pages presents Camila Galaz’s interactive video essay exploring political ideals expressed through network communication during the impact of COVID-19 on the 2019 – 2020 Chilean protests. The project encourages visitors to investigate how protestors are increasingly implementing social media in protesting activity. Chilean demonstrators are suddenly met with becoming platform users, predominantly making noise in the spheres of Instagram and Twitter that thrive on the consequences of neoliberalism – an ideology that protesters are in fact challenging in the face of austerity. The show is navigated via a control panel interface found on the classic Tulip chairs of the Opsroom built for the 70s Chilean Project Cybersyn which employed early cybernetics and telex machine networks to manually distribute, manage and level out the nation’s economy.

17 February – 17 April 2021

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