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Regulated Exhibition

Joshua Sofaer
1 Oct – 5 Dec 2021
BACKLIT, Nottingham

Joshua Sofaer, Regulated Exhibition, 2021

Joshua Sofaer, Regulated Exhibition, 2021

BACKLIT is delighted to be working with artist Joshua Sofaer and the Environment Agency (EA) on this exciting multidisciplinary exhibition, uniting art and environment to trigger some critical discussions. Joshua’s work focuses on how audiences engage with the world. This unique collaboration between the artist, EA and the community will enable social engagement, allowing participants to feel some ownership of the final design – a plastic sculpture of a body.

Regulated Exhibition will see BACKLIT Gallery transformed into a ‘factory’ where we will have ‘Science Communicators’ (the recycling drop off zone team) accepting donations in our Depot and sorting through the plastic. Throughout the exhibition, the Environment Agency will periodically regulate the processes undertaken and provide an insight into their work. There will be a film following the day in the life of a Regulated Industry officer at the Environment Agency and how they regulate and manage waste. There will also be a film about Joshua’s work and lots of educational information around the gallery.

1 October – 5 December 2021
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 12pm – 5pm

BACKLIT, Alfred House, Ashley Street, Nottingham, NG3 1JG

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