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Rhys Mouat “Reigniting Flame Issue 1”

Rhys Mouat
5 March – 1 April 2021
Gaada, Burra Isle, Shetland

Rhys Mouat “Reigniting Flame Issue 1”

Gaada is pleased to announce the publication of the first comic in the fantasy saga Reigniting Flame, Issue 1 by Shetland illustrator and storyteller, Rhys Mouat.

Issue 1 spans Chapters 1 – 3 of the tale and follows the adventures of sibling protagonists Shirifuari and Shiranuri through a medieval world of bandits, armies and dark forces – where they begin to uncover a mysterious returning threat.

The launch will be accompanied by an exhibition of Rhys’ work in Gaada’s outside exhibition space Display, and will run from March 5th until the April 1st.


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