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Take Nothing for Granted: Theses on History

Brooke Palmieri
5 – 18 October
Gaada, Burra, Shetland

Take Nothing for Granted: Theses on History

Brooke Palmieri, Camp Books

Brooke looks back on a decade of travelling around the USA, UK and Europe as a historian, digging through archives & charity shops in those places to grapple with the varying degrees to which the past permeates the present and foretells the future. These “theses” draw upon the 16th-century emblem tradition, playfully pairing mottos with symbolic images for the sake of quick & dirty history lessons from below, that is, from the perspective of an LGBT+ gatecrasher who tries not to take anything for granted. This exhibition is part of the Weemin’s Wark project, in partnership with the Glasgow Women’s Library and local equalities group Up Helly Aa For Aa, funded by Creative Scotland

5 – 18 October (weather depending)

Gaada, Da Auld Methodist Kirk, Bridge End, Burra, Shetland ZE2 9LD

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