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We Axe For What We Want

Esther McManus
18 June – 25 July 2021
GAADA, Shetland

We Axe For What We Want

This exhibition presents an extract from Time in the Archive, Esther Esther McManus’ contribution to We Axe For What We Want, a publication which foregrounds the multiple voices and collaborations of Gaada’s 2020/21 programme Weemin’s Wark.

Through this exhibition and the upcoming publication, Esther presents a personal reading of the Up Helly Aa For Aa archive, informed by contributions including Lynn Abrams’ Myth and Materiality in a Women’s World, as well as many articles and artworks by local people. 

The work experiments with the medium of comics’ ability to represent time, enabling different temporal moments to interact in conversation. Here, as in the archive, time is not linear and the past is not ‘over’.

18 June – 25 July 2021

GAADA, Da Auld Methodist Kirk, Bridge End, Burra Isle, Shetland ZE2 9LD

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