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Issue 12

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Alessandro Adriani
Sam Austen
Kiera Blakey
Daniel Bor
Rob Chavasse
Patrick Coyle
Charles Dagit
Bobby Dowler
Ben Eastham
Nicolas Feldmeyer
Blue Firth

Ian Giles
Oliver Hicks
James Prevett
Sophie Risner
Daniel Shanken
Grant Smith
Anna Chrystal Stephens
Paul Timofeev
Viktor Timofeev
Holly White

Artist’s Commission by Rob Chavasse
For Issue 12 we invited artist Rob Chavasse to contribute to our feature, Artist Commission. For the feature, Rob has made a poster proposal for an installation, and interviewed four industry professionals, through which he hopes to give the reader an introduction to his wider practice.

Editor: Holly Willats; Design: Ken Kirton; Printing: Hato Press

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