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Issue 14

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Pio Abad
Kiera Blakey
Jenna Bliss
Jessie Bond
Leah Capaldi
Kitty Clark
Patrick Coyle
Benjamin Eastham
Lionel Eid
Magda Fabianczyk
Sophie Halart

Lily Hall
They Are Here
Steve Hurtado
Elise Lammer
Freddy Dewe Mathews
Megan Rooney
Eva Rowson
José da Silva
Sophia Starling
Jim Woodall
Alma Zevi

Artist’s Commission by Steve Hurtado
For Issue 14, Art Licks commissioned a series of collages using landmark London buildings as a concertina print by Steve Hurtado, inserted in the centerfold of the magazine alongside a text by curator and writer, Alma Zevi.

The magazine was launched with an event at 38b on Saturday 10 May, with live music from Nicolas Burrows and Coova.

Editor: Holly Willats; Design: Limner Studio; Printing: Artquarters Press

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