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Issue 18

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Rachael Allen
Miriam Austin
Sophie Chapman
Elena Colman
Matthew Drage
Rosa Farber
Cicely Farrer
Francis Field
Jonathan Freemantle
Matt Grayson
Christopher Green
Paul Gwilliam

Lily Hall
Anna Hughes
Marie Jacotey
Boris Jardine
Kerri Jefferis
Emily Jones
Marianne Keating
The Litany Reading Group
Megan Rooney
Eva Rowson
Sarah Thacker

Artist’s Commission by Marie Jacotey
For issue 18, Art Licks commissioned a special poster print by Marie Jacotey inserted in the magazine, accompanied by a new poem by Rachael Allen.

The magazine was launched on Thursday 18 February, 6.30-8.30pm at The Caged Antelope with music, performances and film screenings from contributing artists.

Editor: Holly Willats; Design: Limner Studio; Printing: Artquarters Press

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