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Issue 26

Issue 26 + P&P

Holly Argent
Sofia Barton
Katy Bentham
Mwenza Blell
Dawn Bothwell
Sophie Buxton
Alisdair Cameron
Clymene Christoforou
Foundation Press
Dan Goodman
Laura Harrington
Julia Heslop
Kathryn Hodgkinson
Kev Howard 
Matthew Jarratt
Lady Kitt
Ciara Lenihan
Edwin Li

Sarah Li
Isabel Lima
Nick Malyan
Eva Masterman
Kitty McKay
Cynthia Morrison-Bell
Deborah Nash
John O'Reilly
Matt Pickering
Ellen Ranson
Elaine Robertson
Connor Shields
Nicola Singh
Archie Smith
Rob Smith
Paul Stewart
Christo Wallers
Andrew Wilson

Art Licks are carrying out a new project for its printed magazine: producing three issues (issues 26 – 28) from different cities across the country: Newcastle, Bristol and Birmingham. This trilogy of Art Licks magazine aims to explore the varying practices and artist communities across the country.

This trilogy begins with issue 26 from Newcastle, which has been produced in partnership with The NewBridge Project and co-edited between Rebecca Huggan (Director, NewBridge) and Holly Willats (Director, Art Licks).

Art Licks Issue 26 hopes to shine a light on the practices of artists, curators and writers based in the North East through the exploration of its theme, Radical Gestures

Through this title, Art Licks presents a range of practices that help to challenge the status quo and shift perceptions; practices that support different communities, that are outward-facing, or that are unafraid to try to explore complex issues. From very small gentle gestures, to people who are campaigning: the magazine offers an uplifting insight into how contemporary art supports and brings people together. 

Guest Editor: Rebecca Huggan (Director, The NewBridge Project); Editor: Holly Willats; Design: Margherita Huntley; Copy Editor: Max Alletzhauser; Printing: The Pale Green Press

Art Licks Issue 26 is funded by Arts Council England

Event: INCURSIONS Walk x Art Licks #26
On Monday 11 October, 4-6.30pm we celebrated the release of Art Licks #26 and explored the practice of artist collective, INCURSIONS with an afternoon’s walk from Newcastle to Gateshead and a shared meal at The NewBridge Project, Gateshead. Read more here.

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