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Art Licks Issue 27, cover, design by Margherita Huntley

Issue 27

Issue 27

Harriet Bowman
Al Cameron
Heather Christie
Kelsey Cruz-Martin
Ama Dogbe
Zuzanna Drozynksa
Sam Francis
Dan Guthrie
Esther Hesketh
Joe Hill
Esme Hodes

Fozia Ismail 
Ash Kayser
Max Kelan
Jamie Lee
Simon Lee Dicker
Elinor Lower
Sarah Newell
Sammy Paloma
Olivia Parr
Karolina Ptaszkowska
Rising Arts Agency’s BE IT Leadership Cohort

Art Licks Issue 27 marks the second stage in a new project for Art Licks magazine, for which we are producing three issues (26 – 28) from different cities across the country: Newcastle, Bristol and Birmingham. This trilogy of Art Licks magazine aims to explore varying practices and artist communities across the country: their entrepreneurial methods of collaboration, structures of support, adventurous programming and tactics for sustainability.

The trilogy began with issue 26 from Newcastle, and now the story continues to its second chapter from Bristol with the title: SCHEDULE: ways of making it work. Through this title, we want to present a range of practices and explore the ways in which creators are keeping it all going. From considering people's routines, juggling jobs, parenting and caring; how do we all manage, when it's hard to plan ahead? We all have different ways of working. How does this manifest itself
in our practices?

Each guest editor invited contributors for the various features across the magazine. This offers a specific glimpse into a group of artists working in Bristol, and we hope that across the magazine you will find some affinity or inspiration in the multiple ways that people are making it work.

Guest Editors: Jess Bunyan & Euella Jackson (Rising), Mary Roberts-Holmes & Jack Friswell (Caraboo Projects), Jack Lewdjaw (east bristol contemporary); Editor: Holly Willats (Art Licks)

Design: Margherita Huntley; Copy Editor: Max Alletzhauser; Printing: The Pale Green Press

Art Licks Issue 27 is funded by Arts Council England

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