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Art Licks

ALPS: Nina Royle

22 September – 5 October 2019

‘Tending My Fangs’ at ALPS, 2019.

Tending My Fangs

Holly’s flat feels like a confessional space that is close to the earth. In Tending My Fangs, I wanted this perception to simmer through in a density of language and materials that cook together, with no singular rationale connecting any one thing to another. A thinking for domestic spaces and compost heaps. For Tending My Fangs, I also wanted to use an intimate, vulnerable voice that problematies the question about what is private and what is public. What of ourselves do we choose to reveal to the world, what do we bury and what is impossible to conceal? What also is the scaffolding that makes us, us, and what is structured by the people and places that
touch us?

- Extract from Nina Royle exhibition text. Read the full text here.

Based in a Camberwell flat, ALPS (Art Licks Project Space) presents solo exhibitions that offer invited artists an opportunity to test out new ideas and approaches, to feel 'at home' and play with the space. This was the second exhibition at ALPS, and part of a series of shows that explored ideas of fiction, myth, and the narrator. 

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