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Art Licks

At Home | Em Casa, London & São Paulo

Lucy Joyce and Flavia Mielnik

At Home | Em Casa is a project Art Licks initiated in 2018 across the UK and Brazil with the artists Lucy Joyce (British) and Flavia Mielnik (Brazilian), curated by Holly Willats. Each artist was hosted by the other in their home cities: Flavia hosted in London by Lucy and Holly, then reciprocated in São Paulo. This exchange culminated in an exhibition of works made in conversation across the two home cities in São Paolo.

Joyce and Mielnik’s practices share common ground in their site-specific response to place and people; an interest in the everyday, and in exploring what it is that draws a person to a particular place or space. They both deal directly with landscape (whether urban, or rural) through temporarily adding work within public space, or isolating a specific existing feature in order to frame, disrupt, colour or highlight. Their different projects encourage a community to reconsider idiosyncrasies or common-place characteristics of place in a new way: to see their everyday environment in a new light.

For At Home | Em Casa, the two artists explored together their home cities and made work in conversation. Mielnik visited London in March 2018, when the two artists began a discussion about home, and what it means to feel settled within different situations and consequently within one’s art practice; Joyce then visited São Paulo in April/May. Subsequent new work looks at ways of living across London and São Paulo, examining the artists’ shared understanding of place, despite different cultures, languages and geographies.

All the work shown in the exhibition was made by the two artists during the process and within this discussion. The opportunity to show the work in São Paulo presented a meeting point for the artists, and an opportunity for a broader dialogue with visitors about place and home.

At Home | Em Casa was part of the 22º Cultura Inglesa Festival and shown at Galerias do Centro Brasileiro Britânico, Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 741, Pinheiros São Paulo / SP. De 27 de maio a 10 junho de 2018.

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