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Art Licks

On Board II, Espacio Vista, Madrid

Lola Bunting, Holly Graham, Christopher P. Green, Kate Morrell

For Hybrid Festival 2019, Art Licks presented the exhibition On Board II. The exhibition challenged the role of the curator, and conventional modes of exhibition making. Curator, Holly Willats invited four UK artists to each offer instructions for new artworks that Willats and Jessie Bond were then responsible for producing in Madrid on the artists’ behalf, to exhibit at Espacio Vista. The artists were: Lola Bunting, Holly Graham, Christopher P. Green, Kate Morrell.

Willats gathered the proposals and met with the artists in London in advance of the festival. During their first two days in Madrid, Willats and Bond sourced materials, objects, and performers – all depending on the instructions received from the artists. The exhibition presented the finished works alongside the original artists’ instructions for the artworks.

The word curator comes from the Latin curare: meaning a keeper or custodian: to take care of. In this project, Willats and Bond were the custodians of the exhibition and needed to take care of the works in a very direct manner.

On Board II was a continuation of the On Board project first initiated at Crispr, Bogotá, Colombia in 2017. The project positively challenges the relationship between curator and artist – a relationship based on mutual understanding, trust and respect. It also puts to question methods of production and tests new ways of making. On Board considers points of remoteness, production, travel, distance, and communication.

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