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Art Licks

Outset × Art Licks Regional Sessions: Exploring Creative Space

Chaos Magic, Nottingham: taking part in Regional Sessions on 28 January

Following a successful tour of regional artist-led spaces for Outset Patrons in September 2020, Art Licks is delighted to have partnered with Outset to present a series of public online events for 2020-21. For each event, we bring together project spaces from across the UK to discuss their work, and hear of their continued development as a platform for creativity whilst navigating an unprecedented time for the arts. Join Art Licks' Director, Holly Willats live, connecting with two different regional organisations by the power of Zoom in each session.

The next event will be on Thursday 28th January, 2pm with Joey Holder speaking on behalf of Chaos Magic, Nottingham; and Mat Jenner for TACO!, London. More information and RSVP details coming soon.

The first conversation of the series in September was between Amy Gear, GAADA, Burra Isle, Shetland; Georgia Stephenson, Patio Project, London; and Jack Friswell & Jenny Male of Caraboo Projects, Bristol.

The second conversation of the series in November was between Laura Eldret of More Than Ponies, and Hannah Lees of both A299 Bunker and 19 Addington Road.

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