Image courtesy of Auto Italia and Pablo Jones-Soler

Event of the Week


*New visions and strategies for tomorrow, today.

Preview: Saturday 26 April, 7-9pm 27 April - 25 May 2014 Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-6pm

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Art Licks, Issue 13. Copyright: Art Licks, 2013



For Issue 13 of Art Licks, alongside our regular writers, we have invited a selection of artists taking part in the Art Licks Weekend 2013 festival to contribute.

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Art Licks Weekend 2013, Peckham tour. Photo: Mariona Otero



No mainstream stuff, these tours will take you to the places Art Licks is all about. Visit some of the best initiatives happening in London and meet the people behind them.

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Carlo Keshishian, The Intricacies of Carlo's Brain


The Inner Self: Drawings from the Subconscious

Outside In is now accepting submissions from London-based artists working on the theme of the subconscious using drawing (predominantly in black and white) as the primary medium.

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